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Order with Gorder these and other fine products and services:
Airtrays – Bass-Mollett Publishers – B & G Products – Church and Chapel Metal Arts  – Classic Plastics Corp.
CVS Wholesale Flags – Derma Pro Mortuary Cosmetics  –  Elegante Brass Co.
– Eterna Urn Co. – Ferno
Frigid Fluid Co.  –  Halo International – Junkin – Lamcraft – Link Manufacturing
– Madelyn Keepsake Pendants
Matthews Cremation Group
– Mortech Manufacturing Co.  – Mortuary Lift Co. – Nadene Cosmetics
Passages International Earthurn Collection
– Palay Display Industries – Porti-Boy Injectors – Regal Line
Roberts & Downey Chapel Equipment – Sampson 1000 lb. Body/Casket Lift – SinoSource Cloisonnι Urns
Slaughter Instrument Co. – Stakmore Chairs – Terrybear Brass/Pewter Urns – Trigard Urn Vaults – Triple H Company

Airtrays, Casket Buddy - New Product!  (Call for pricing)

The Casket Buddy (see video below) was designed as an inexpensive way to load and unload caskets from a coach to a church truck or casket bier.  It is a very stable roller stand that can support caskets up to 1,000 pounds and can transfer caskets easily with height variations to 6 inches.  The legs are adjustable and the stand has a minimum load height of 22" and a raised height of 31.  learn more >



Cremation Altar / Urn Carrier - New Product!  (Call for pricing)

By combining our RD143/C Cherry Large Baby Bier/
Cremation Altar with a Processional Urn Carrier, we
provide your firm with a multi functional piece of equipment.

Click on images to view larger, or call us to learn more.




Call Matt Smith, Embalming Consultant, available 24-7!


  View Frigid Fluid products now
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  Join FFC Bottle Recycling Program and save 10%!
  New! Cemetery Equipment & Supply Catalog


  View Bass-Mollett products now.
  The industry leader for printed materials, 
  funeral supplies and accessories.
  Reflections of Life Personalized Funeral Products.
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  Order Bass-Mollett Catalog now.
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  View Gorder Urns now
Hardwood, Brass/pewter, Halo, Pets
  Veterans, and
Appliques available.
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  View Urn Vault now
Trigard Millineum Urn Vault
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  View Memorial Candles now

  A variety of memorial candle styles
  and customization.
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  View Madelyn Keepsake Pendants now
Beautifully crafted keepsake jewelry from Madelyn
  Keepsake Pendants, available from Gorder Supply.

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  View Cremation Container now  
Newly designed standard and heavy duty cremation containers!
  Plastic liners, urn loader, and cremation rollers.
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  View cots, tables, and trucks now  
irst call, preparation and funeral
  equipment, including cots, tables, church trucks and lifts.
  See the new 24 MAXX cot! >
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  View Link Manufacturing products now  
Link Manufacturing Cargo Management Products,
  including: Double Deck Systems, Single Deck
, and Flower Handling. Please contact
  us for quotes on all Link products.
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A full range of professional mortuary cosmetics.

  Nadene Cosmetics now available through Gorder Supply.
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  ($100 minimum on all Nadene orders.)



  View Lamcraft products now
Laminating supplies and equipment.
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  View Palay Display products now  
Visit this site for all your slatwall, accessories,
  and acrylic display needs. Everything you'll need
  to complete your Arrangement Office and Selection
  Room merchandising designs.
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  Memories are the one thing we leave behind that
  will continue to go on living. We at Memory Vision are
  committed to helping you preserve your memories - both
  past and present - so that they will continue to have an impact
  on future generations. View the Memory Vision Web Site Now.

Introducing our new affiliate:

Daily and Business Computing, Inc. in Blaine offers the very best in computer support,
sales and service at affordable prices for the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. We bring 10
years of computing experience and support, specializing in helping to meet the technology
needs of small and medium businesses, non-profits and individuals. Call us today at
612-250-2423 or visit our website. Let us help you understand and utilize technology to help your business today!




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